2022年12月Dharmapuri参考标准答案注:圣昂勒笔试是岐阜,我们对标准答案时要看快捷键文本,千万别只录入ABCD。题目题目一Today, increasing importance is being attached to cultivating college students’ team spirit. Many people believe that team spirit benefits not only themselves but also the whole group,while others have the idea that it is more important to focus on finishing one’s own job. As for me, the former is more reasonable.There are a variety of reasons accountable for my statement. Firstly, college students with team spirit generally have better academic performance, because they tend to contribute to the team. learn from other team members. and are qenerally modest and patient. Moreover, when college students graduate and enter the workplace, those with strong team spirit are more likely to create a good impression on their colleagues and bosses than those who just intend to finish their own job. Therefore, these team players can climb up the ladder more quickly. Besides, in our daily life, young people who have such strength are caring, warm, and considerate; who do not fancy making friends with them?To sum up, we, as college students, ought to attach more importance to cultivating our team spirit. In order to do so,we are supposed to open up ourselves more, seize every opportunity to collaborate with others to achieve a goal, and try to learn from our peers who have such virtue.题目二In an era of information explosion, there is a heated debate over whether we need to develop criticality and make rational judgement. Some prefer following suit, whereas others have the idea that thinking critically is of great necessity. As for me, the latter is more reasonable.There are a range of reasons accountable for my point of view. Firstly, college students showing more critique usually make better decisions. They learn to differentiate useful information from various sources rather than accepting all without consid- eration. Therefore, they can draw a relatively comprehensive conclusion and make the best choice based on the information as well as their condition. Moreover, when they graduate and enter the workplace, the ability to think critically can help them assess if the position is suitable for themselves. A suitable job, rather than a position simply with high salary, is a channel for an employee to realize the potential. Besides,in their daily life, critical thinking enables them to select better friends and expand social ties.To sum up, thinking critically is of great necessity for college students. It not only helps them to gain advantages in the competition with peer groups, but also allows them to select an appropriate start of the career and establish more positive friendship with others.题目三With our society developing increasingly faster, people in growing numbers begin to realize that information technology plays a key role in education. Applying the state-of-the-art technology like online flatforms and smart classrooms renders teaching and learning more diverse and effective.There are a range of reasons accountable for my point of view Firstly, information technology can alter college students learning mode. Compared with face-to-face classrooms, online teaching is more cost-effective, especially for those who live in the rural areas. Secondly, more freedom will be given to stu dents. They can express their points of view through the online chat box in an anonymous way. Thirdly, they will pay more attention to autonomous learning with the help of various tools.In sum, information technology is of great necessity in education. Not only does it help them enhance learning mode, but also enables to give them more freedom and enrich their life.翻译翻译一黄土高原(the Loess Plateau)是中国第三大高原,面积约60万平方公里,平均海拔1000-2000米,绝大部分覆盖着50-80米厚的黄土,是世界上黄土分布最集中、覆盖厚度最大的区域。这是大自然创造的一个奇迹,在世界上也是绝无仅有的。黄土高原是中华民族的发祥地之一。早在5500年前,人们就已经在黄土高原上开始农耕,随着农耕业的持续发展,黄土高原人口不断增加,在秦汉时期就成为中国的政治和经济中心,如今,随着西部大开发战略的实施,黄土高原地区的经济得到了迅速发展。The Loess Plateau, the third largest plateau in China, covers an area of 600.000 square kilometres and rises 1.000-2,000 metres above the se level on average. As the majority of the plateau is covered with 50-80 metre thick layer of loess, it is the most concentrated area in loess distribution in the world. Therefore, it is well recognized as a miracle created by the nature and the unique one on this planet.The Loess Plateau is one of the cradles of the Chinese nation where Chinese began farming 5,500 years ago. With the continuous development of agriculture, the population kept increasing on the plateau, which became the political and economic centre of China in the Han Dynasty. Today with the Western Development strategy implemented, the economy of the Loess Plateau area is developing rapidly.翻译二云贵高原(the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau)大部分位于云南,贵州省境内,总面积约50万平方公里,平均海拔2000-4000米,是中国第四大高原。云贵高原西高东低,河流众多,形成了许多又深又陡的峡谷(canyon)。峡谷中许多地方土壤肥沃,非常有利于多钟农作物生长。云贵高原独特的自然环境造就了生物和文化的多样性。它是中国森林和矿产资源类型十分丰富的地区,也是古人类起源的重要地区。云贵高原是中国少数民族数量最多的地区,各民族都保留了自己丰富多彩的文化传统。-The Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, located mostly in Yunan Prov- ince and Guizhou Province, is the fourth largest plateau in China which covers a total area of 0.5 million square kilome tres and rises 2,000-4,000 metres above the sea level on average. The plateau slopes from the west to the east with many rivers flowing through, gradually forming a lot of steep canyons where there are fertile lands which benefit the growth of many crops.The unique natural environment of the plateau contributes to great biological and cultural diversity. It is well recog nized as both an area rich in forest and mineral resources and an important human cradle. It is also the region with the most minority peoples in China, where their colourful cultural traditions are well preserved.翻译三青藏高原(the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau)位于中国西南部,面积约230万平方公里,平均海拔4000米以上,被称为“世界屋脊”。青藏高原自然资源丰富,风景秀丽,拥有多种珍稀野生动物。青藏高原气温很低,形成了大面积高山冰川。这里是亚洲许多著名河流的源头,是中国和东南亚的主要淡水供应源。青藏高原对全球生态系统至关重要。由于气候变化的影响,青藏高原的冰川正在加速融化。中国一直在努力保护青藏高原的生态系统,草地覆盖率不断增加,许多濒危物种得到了有效的保护。The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, located in southwest China covers an area of 2.3 million square kilometres and rises over 4,000 metres above the sea level, thus enjoying the reputation as “the world roof”. The plateau boasts abun- dant natural resources, many rare wild animals and pictur esque views.The plateau features a large area of high mountains and gla ciers due to the low temperature and the origin of many well-known Asian rivers which are well recognized as the major providers of fresh water for China and southeast Asian countries. Therefore, the plateau plays a key role in the global eco-system. Owing to the impact of climate change, the glaciers here are melting more quickly. The Chi nese government has been endeavouring to conserve the eco-system here, gradually increasing the fraction of green coverage and effectively protecting many endangered species.听力阅读






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